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Frequently Asked Questions on Agriculture

9jaSavvyFarmerDid you know that currently in Nigeria, particularly in the South West, there is a shortage of Maize?

Several derivations can be gotten from Maize such as pap, bird feed, corn (cooked and roasted), corn flakes etc to mention to a few.

Did you also know that currently, there isa  shortage of rice in Nigeria? Do you know how much a bag of rice costs?

Food security is a big deal to ANY country in the world.

Here are some commonly asked questions about Agriculture in Nigeria.

Please note most of the answers will be concise, honest and practicable.

  1. What is Agriculture (in the Nigerian context)?
    • Today, Agriculture in simple terms is the science or art of making the ground fertile for crop production, including the harvesting of crops, and the rearing and management of farm animals.

  2. What’s the big deal about Agriculture?
    • Presently, the average selling price for a litre of palm kernel is 200 Naira. The average selling price for a litre of shea butter is 350 Naira. I made a deliberate effort to convert to litre so as to compare prices to PMS (petrol). There is growing concern about how expensive it is to feed in Nigeria. Prices of food items is high largely because most of our items are imported. If you have a hectare of land producing only plantain, at harvesting, you produce 2, 000 sticks of plantains (a stick of plantain costs an average of 1000 Naira), that is 2, 000, 000 Naira.

  3. Is Agriculture expensive?
    • Agriculture is not cheap. First you need to decide your role. Do you want to go into production, processing or distribution? Production may require getting a land, buying cash crop seeds, suckers or buying the farm animal of your choice. After which, you will cultivate or nurture for a while, as the case may be. Processing may require getting/building a factory (and acquiring/installing machinery) for converting agricultural products from one stage to the other. Distribution may require having a store and a vehicle to move and store agricultural products for re-selling. Some roles are cheaper than others.

  4. Is Agriculture easy?
    • Agriculture is not easy. It requires your full commitment, and takes time before you can move from the production stage to sales stage. There is a waiting period.

  5. Is there help for Agriculture in Nigeria?
    • The Central Bank of Nigeria has an agricultural credit guarantee scheme fund. The Bank of Agriculture also has a detailed loans package. Some financial institutions such as First Bank, Fidelity, and Lift above Poverty Organisation (LAPO) have agricultural products, programmes and desks.

      The current administration of President Mohammed Buhari has made diversification into agriculture of primary importance with the drop in oil prices. There is a shift inn current budgetary allocations to Agriculture initiatives in Nigeria.

  6. So, why can’t most people in Agriculture access money?
    • According to recent information, only 2% of all banks lending in Nigeria goes into agriculture – a sector that is 40% of GDP and 70% of employment. The reason was because banks could not find the money trail in the agriculture sector. Besides, most of the industry’s initiatives are just getting documented. In the past, most initiatives were passed to local governments, state governments which had issues of bureaucracy, nepotism and corruption. Lately, it’s being direct to the farmer via farm workers who are representatives of institutions.

  7. What else do I need to know about Agriculture?
    • You need to research about what role you are interested in playing. You may need to get a consultant (preferably someone in the same role) and you can visit this blog often to get the latest detailed information about Agriculture.



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