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DO YOU KNOW SERIES: Egg Production

9jaSavvyFarmerA hen can lay an egg in a day and will have some days when it does not lay any egg at all. The reason of this irregular egg-laying schedule relates to the hen’s reproductive system.

Download a PDF of “Egg Production” here

A hen’s body begins forming an egg shortly after a previous egg is laid, and it takes 12 hours for an egg to form fully. So a hen will lay later and later each day. Because a hen’s reproductive system is sensitive to light exposure, eventually the hen will lay too late in a day for its body to begin forming a new egg. The hen will then skip a day or more before laying again.

Both the number of eggs you can get from a flock and the number of years a flock will produce eggs depends on several variables, including the following factors:

  1. BREED: The kind of breed the hen is a determinant. However, when making the decision of the kind of breed, commercial type hens may give you a higher level of production initially, but other breeds tend to lay for more years.

  2. MANAGEMENT OF PULLETS PRIOR TO LAY: It’s important to manage pullets correctly especially in areas of nutrition and light management, because correct management will positively impact the level and generally of egg production once the birds start to lay.

  3. LIGHT MANAGEMENT: Exposure to light and its management also affect egg production.

  4. NUTRITION: Chickens of any type and age require a complete, balanced diet.

  5. SPACE ALLOWANCES: To produce effectively, laying hens must have adequate space, and should not be crowded.

  6. DISEASES OR INFECTION: It affects the productivity of eggs. In case of a suspected disease, call for qualified help immediately. Isolate affected birds in a separate pen which should be far from main pen.

    Download a PDF of “Egg Production” here

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