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DO YOU KNOW Series: Fish Pond Water

Water is the most important factor in a fish pond. Fish need water quality to survive, grow and reproduce. Quality water should have no pollutant; it is high in dissolved oxygen and doesn’t have excessive organic matters.

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There are different ways water can be analysed chemically, either in the laboratory or by using a portable water-testing kit. Parameters to be tested for include pH, which is a measure of certain characteristics of hydrogen (H+) in the water and is measured on a scale of 1 to 14 with lower numbers indicating acidic water and higher indicating alkaline water and a reading of 7 is neutral. Most ponds run between 6.8 (weakly acidic) and 7.8 (slightly alkaline), with values fluctuating. Checking a pond’s pH is a vital step forward in maintaining water chemistry. The following methods can help you test the chemistry of your pond water:

PAPER TEST: Paper tests are also called litmus paper tests. The paper has a reagent that reacts with hydrogen ions in the water and reaction takes place in a few moments, the test strip changes color. By comparing the color of the test strip to a color wheel included with the strips, you can determine the pH of the pond.

LIQUID: Add a few drops to the sample of the pond water and wait for color to change, then, read the interpretation.

ELECTRONIC: Digital read-out meters are accurate pH measurement tools with fast analysis and display.


Test for dissolved oxygen (DO) can also be conducted using test kits. Hardness and turbidity can measured and controlled for the success of a fish farming.

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