Hi there! Welcome to Tola Talks Agriculture.

This site will be filled with all the exciting things you need to know about agriculture as a sector; ranging from greens, crops to livestock. News on happenings in agriculture-related subjects will be posted. This is particularly designed for those going into farming for the first time, and those trying to find their feet as a farmer.

There will be a lot of information on how to start your farm, maintain and maximize your profit . Those who have been farming for a while and experts in related fields will find it useful and informative. Employment opportunities will be posted regularly for individual experts in agriculture related fields and it will also serve as a link for farmers to potential customers.

Agriculture ‘farming’ is what I like to use the phrase “the stone the builders rejected, have turned to be the corner stone”. Back then, many see farming as a low profession not befitting for the elite class, it was more for the less educated because of the stress involved and environment, coupled with the little or nothing they get from its produce. However, we are therefore singing a different tune. Most people, from different age and class want to be linked to farming. Some will refer to ‘agriculture as the new oil’ in Nigeria. The exciting thing is that not everyone can become a farmer because not everyone can go into the farm and live in the farm settlement which means live outside the city. Not everyone has access to a farm or is cut out to go into farmland. It’s okay! The good news is, you might not be a core farmer but there is enough space in the agriculture sector to accommodate people of different profession. The job opportunity in this sector is enormous and all you have to do is tap into these spaces. The agro-allied chain is from production, processing, packaging and agro-tech. this chain gives individuals from different professions the opportunity to do agric-related jobs and invest their various skills.

Welcome to the world of Agriculture!